What is Strategic Services?

We help boards and staff to focus on strategy that will deliver results for their mission in an open and transparent way. We use organizational assessments as a tool to help unify board and staff behind your critical mission. In times of transition, it is good to get everyone “rowing in the same direction”

We use the term not for profit. We want organizations to be viable and sustainable. Your profit should further your mission.

Strategic Services helps create a trustworthy, focused and transparent environment for not for profits.

How we do this:

  • Working with organizational leadership to ensure they are meeting standards and presenting the work of the organization
  • Collaborating with donors and other supporters to ensure they have an accurate and straightforward picture of an organization’s progress towards achieving their mission
With decades of service in executive staff roles, board leadership, and grassroots volunteerism, Strategic Services is your go to source for ensuring your organization thrives in this challenging environment. Our team is multigenerational which brings a fresh perspective to the issues and challenges you face. We are a steady hand at the wheel that helps you navigate during times of transition. Read our Executive and Key Collaborators Profiles here

Current Projects

Here’s what some of the people say that have worked with us over the years:

…the unique ability to provide solutions from the board room to the back room…”

– S.C. – Board member