Strategy…it’s not just for breakfast anymore!

By now you have heard the saying attributed to Peter Drucker “Culture eats Strategy for…”, take your pick- breakfast, lunch or dinner. Does that mean you throw strategy out the window? Absolutely NOT! Strategy and culture go hand in glove to achieve results.

Moving from Transactional to Transformational

There is dynamic activity in the not for profit sector unlike anything in recent memory.  Many historic organizations are struggling to maintain or develop relationships that can lead to transformational progress towards their mission.

Board members, Heal Thy Selves

In my work with a great variety of organizational board over 30+ years, I have seen many different styles of leadership. The most successful organizations have not only a vision for where they are going but a sense of shared purpose. Board members are...

Storm Thoughts- It’s Time For A Change

As much of the southern U.S. gets battered by storms, I have been reflecting on what it takes for people and organizations to survive “storms” (natural and societal) and come back better and stronger. I have been fortunate that my family is largely safe...