For Business:

Engaged employees make businesses more profitable, it’s a fact. We can help you define or sharpen your strategies with the resources you have within your company and your community. We will help you to develop and implement engagement activities that fit your company and provide opportunities for your employees to become more engaged at work and in the community.

Philanthropy Assessment:

When: A philanthropy assessment is a tool to utilize as part of your annual planning process. As business strategies change, so may your philanthropy.

What: There are typically two components:

  • Company assessment
  • Employee Assessment

The company and its employees have different interests and needs. When they converge you get engagement. While we want to maximize engagement in your company, we also need to recognize that employees have some of their own issues and needs. To the extent we can identify and help meet those needs, we can create deep engagement and loyalty.


  • Philanthropy Assessment- includes both company and employee survey
  • Engagement Strategy- becomes part of your annual plan and helps build community and employee relations
  • Customized for your organization and culture and to fit your capacity and budget
  • Can also provide implementation assistance through our network

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