For Individuals:
With 1.3 million charities in the U.S. alone, understanding how you want to make a difference and helping you to identify organizations and mechanisms to do that effectively requires some expert advice and counsel. Our experience working in the not for profit sector combined with our varied donor experiences brings you the information you need to make critical decisions about your investment in a charity’s mission.

When: If you are considering a gift or gifts in excess of $10,000 you will want to have a philanthropy strategy to help achieve the outcomes your gifts will produce.

What: The philanthropy strategy will be an assessment of your desired outcomes. We will match this with programs and organizations that can help achieve those outcomes and provide you with a custom report from which you can select the program/organization(s) you wish to support.

• Philanthropy Strategy- identifies your interests and matches programs/charities that meet those interests
• Charity research and vetting- provides you with detailed information as to the capacity for the organization or program to achieve the outcomes desired. Included is a review of financial capacity, governance structure, and program impact measures.
• Client representation is also available if you would like assistance in interacting with the program/organization

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