Let’s Get Engaged!

Employee Engagement- Where the Public, Private, and Charitable Sectors Meet

For the past 11 years, I have been working to bring companies and charities together to help improve health and wellness. In 2009, Community Health Charities (CHC) began using the term “employee engagement” to help describe the intersection of the public, private, and charitable sectors. While there are many definitions of engagement, it has become clear that companies are more profitable and employees much happier and healthier if they are “engaged”.

In March, CHC hosted an event in Chicago that highlighted outstanding employee engagement examples from all of the sectors. Here is an interview I did with Steve Bertrand from WGN radio around the topic, you can pick up our visit around the 21:45 mark.

What is  clear is that organizations that are successful in creating engagement have weathered financial storms, are regularly listed as a “Best Place to Work”, and are making a difference in the communities where they operate. If you would like to visit about how to make a difference in your company, your charity and your community, contact us and we can get you engaged!